General Plans, Zoning and Site Planning
- Specific plan preparation
- Plan for a diverse culturally dynamic society
- Site design for sustainability
- General Plans
- Zoning Ordinances
- Environmentally sound solutions
- Circulation design
- Technical Reports, Documents and Articles
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Environmental Studies (Cities/Regional/Projects)
- Mitigated Negative Declarations
- Initial studies
- Environmental studies
- Environmental planning for impact reduction
- Feasibility studies

Erosion Control
- Hydrologic evaluations and drainage evaluation
- Assist farmers and ranchers in developing BMPs
- Drainage and flood management
- Road drainage design
- Channel erosion control

Stream and River Restoration and Stabilization
- Stream channel analysis
- River and stream morphological surveys
- Evaluation of channel conditions, including erosion
- River fluvial geomorphology
- Stream channel stabilization
- River re-alignment and/or restoration
- Stream channel habitat enhancement

Energy Conservation
- Active and Passive Solar Systems
- Building conservation design

Permit Coordination
- Assist agencies in creating more usable regulations
- Assist landowners in obtaining permits
- Represent landowners/organizations at meetings

Education/Personal Development
- Training for low impact development & erosion control
- Training for environmental conservation BMPs
- Increase student involvement in the environment
- Involve "at risk" teens in conservation projects
- Help disadvantaged students improve self-images
- Education for Spanish-speaking public

Volunteer Coordination
- Lead volunteer groups in conservation projects
- Assist organizations in volunteer outreach

Grant Application Assistance
- Assist agencies & nonprofits prepare grant applications
- Assist organizations in grant administration

Meeting Facilitation and Dispute Mediation
- Lead group and public meetings
- Facilitate productive discourse
- Mediate disputes
- Family mediation
- Business mediation
- Agency mediation
San Luis Obispo Creekwalk
Stream Restoration Project
Creek Restoration Project
San Luis Obispo
Passive Solar Home
Los Osos, California
Passive Solar Home
Designed by Don Funk
Conservation Consulting
Professional Consulting Network
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Photos by Don Funk &
Doreen Liberto Blanck
Santa Lucia Group
Design Trails and Stream
Restoration Projects
Facilitate Community
Meetings and Help Groups
Achieve Consensus
Prepare Specific and General Plans
Spyglass-South Palisades
Specific Plan, Pismo Beach, California
Work with Student Volunteer Groups
Use Rootwads, Logs and
Boulder Structures to Restore
Conduct Environmental Studies
Experience of Conservation Consulting
Community, Parks and
Open Space Planning
Home, Auburn, Calif.
Designer: Don Funk
Residence and Barn, Los Osos, Calif.
Designer: Don Funk
Home, Auburn, Calif.
Designer: Don Funk
Home, Sea Ranch, Calif.
Designer: Don Funk
Home, Sea Ranch, Calif.
Designer: Don Funk
Home, Los Osos, Calif.
Designer: Don Funk
We believe that
conserving the
environment helps us
conserve the human

We also support programs
that help women and
children, socially,
economically, and