Project and General Planning
•        City of King Planning Services
•        Historic Corridor Revitalization Plan, City of King
•        City of Pismo Beach General Plan, Local Coastal Plan and Zoning Ordinance
•        City of Morro Bay Circulation Element
•        City of Palm Springs Downtown Redevelopment Agency Design Manual
•        City of Palm Springs Tennis Center Master Plan
•        Buellton Community Specific Plan in Santa Barbara County
•        Guadalupe City General Plan

Specific Plans/Planned Developments
•        Union-46 Specific Plan, Paso Robles
•        East Chandler Ranch Specific Plan in Paso Robles
•        Spyglass-South Palisades Area Specific Plan in north Pismo Beach
•        Pismo Oaks Specific Plan for southeastern Pismo Beach
•        San Miguelito Specific Plan, north Pismo Beach

Restoration Projects
•        San Luis Obispo Creek stream stabilization and habitat restoration project (San Luis Obispo)
•        Salinas River Restoration Project and Riverwalk, City of Paso Robles
•        Old Creek streambank stabilization and restoration project, Cayucos area
•        Los Osos Creek stream channel stabilization and habitat restoration project
•        Morro Creek Channel Stabilization and Restoration
•        Fiscalini Ranch Preserve channel restoration project, erosion control designer, construction
manager and restoration designer (Cambria)

Watershed Planning, Water Quality and Habitat Studies
•        Principal author of the Upper Salinas River Watershed Action Plan,
a management plan prepared for the State Water Resources Control Board and approved in 2004.  
•        Principal author of the Watershed Fisheries Report and Early, A Study of the Upper Salinas River
and Tributaries prepared for the Department of Fish and Game.
•        Principal author of the Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP) for the Monterey Bay National Marine
Sanctuary and the Upper Salinas-Las Tablas RCD.

Agricultural Planning
•        Principal author of the Grazing Lands Management Plan, Nacitone Planning Area for over 16,000
acres of lands owned by the Monterey County Water Resources Agency around the Nacimiento and San
Antonio Lakes.

Erosion Control Planning
•        Principal author of the Erosion Control Handbook for San Luis Obispo County, The Cover Up
Story 2005
•        Mountain Springs Creek Erosion Control Program for Landowners (west of Paso Robles). Project
coordinated with San Luis Obispo County Public Works Department and City of Paso Robles

Permit Coordination
•        Collaborated with Sustainable Conservation in the preparation of the Initial Study/Final Mitigated
Negative Declaration for the San Luis Obispo Partners in Restoration Permit Coordination Program

Environmental Planning
•        City of Guadalupe General Plan EIR
•        Morro Creek Road-Crossing Project, An Evaluation of Existing Conditions, Environmental Impacts
and Recommended Plans to Improve Hydrological Conditions, Habitat and Fish Passage
•        Los Osos Wastewater Treatment Facilities Environmental Impact Report.
•        Madonna Ranch Environmental Impact Report
•        Holland Commercial Center Environmental Impact Report in Los Osos
•        Union/46 Specific Plan EIR in Paso Robles
•        Hundreds of Initial Studies and Mitigated Negative Declarations
•        Fiscalini Ranch Preserve Channel Re-vegetation Plan

Meeting Facilitation
•        Upper Salinas River Watershed Task Force Meetings
•        Permit Coordination Program Meetings of Agencies & Stakeholders, Morro Bay Watershed
•        Carrizo National Monument Resource Management Plan (BLM).
•        Strategic Regional Action Plan, Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Foundation, Monterey, Ca
•        Vision for Strategic Growth, San Luis Obispo County, Ca
•        Growth Readiness Workshop, San Luis Obispo County, Ca
•        Coachella Valley Multi-Specifies Habitat Conservation Plan, City of Desert Hot Springs, Ca
•        General Plan Update, City of Desert Hot Springs, Ca

University Lecturers/Professors: Environment, Land Use Planning and River Morphology

•        Mr. Funk is a former Lecturer in the Cuesta College Community Education Program teaching
courses in river morphology, the design and construction of energy conserving homes, water
conservation, good land stewardship, and watershed planning.  River morphology subjects include
stream hydrology, survey techniques and methods of stream channel stabilization and habitat


Santa Lucia Group (SLG) regularly collaborates with many organizations and companies. Following is a
partial list of companies and organizations:

American Watersheds:  One of SLG's primary partners is American Watersheds, a nonprofit
organization.  Created in 1999, American Watersheds was a major contributor to the 2002 Upper
Salinas River Fisheries Study and helped to organize the citizen's task force for the preparation of the
Upper Salinas River Watershed Action Plan. American Watershed's primary purpose is to assist public
agencies and landowners in effective habitat restoration projects, addressing flooding, erosion and water
quality issues.  American Watersheds has assisted in monitoring stream water quality, evaluating stream
channel morphology, restoring wetlands, as well as helping prepare the Watershed Action Plan (WAP) for
the Upper Salinas River.  

Associated Transportation Engineers (ATE): ATE is a highly respected firm conducting
traffic studies for the SLG. ATE is a full-service engineering consulting firm specializing in traffic
engineering, transportation planning, traffic signal design, parking and Caltrans processing. ATE has
demonstrated the capability of developing innovative solutions and providing quality services at
competitive costs.

Dr. Thomas Rice: Dr. Rice is a Certified Professional Soil Scientist (C.P.S.S.) since 1982.  Dr. Rice
is a professor of Soil Science and is a past Department Chairman of the Soil Science Department,
California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly), San Luis Obispo. Dr. Rice has published numerous
journal articles, research reports, and popular press articles. He has been the project director for funded
studies involving soil taxonomy updates in California, Nevada, and Utah; a comprehensive soils database
for California; nonpoint source pollution in western rangelands; mercury pollution in a California
watershed; soil mapping of a national wildlife refuge; and soil map unit interpretation record updates for

Julie Thomas: Ms. Thomas provides general biological services as a sub-consultant to the SLG.  
Ms. Thomas has twenty years of experience working in natural resources, including 7 years as senior
watershed coordinator for Coastal San Luis RCD, where she was responsible for implementation of soil
and water conservation and stream restoration projects on lands in coastal San Luis Obispo County.  
Ms. Thomas has conducted biologic assessments in San Luis Obispo and Monterey Counties, including
surveys for sensitive plant species and habitats.  Since 1998, Julie has held a USFWS 10(a)(1)(A) permit
to conduct protocol surveys for listed vernal pool branchiopods.  In addition, she is listed on the San
Luis Obispo County Planning Department list of qualified consultants for general biologists and for vernal
pool fairy shrimp.
More About the Network
Link to:
Conservation Consulting
Professional Consulting Network of the Central Coast
Donald J. Funk, Managing Partner

Mr. Funk, a river morphologist, community planner, environmental
planner, educator, site construction manager, permit coordinator,
mediator and professional facilitator. He serves as the Principal Planner for
the City of King. He served on the Morro Bay National Estuary Program
Technical Advisory Council. He serves as the Technical Advisor for
governmental agencies and was the Upper Salinas-Las Tablas Resource
Conservation District Executive Director and River Morphologist and
Erosion Control Specialist from 2000 to 2010. He also is co-founder and
Board Director of Fundación Manos Hermanas (
a nonprofit foundation in Bogotá, Colombia. Mr. Funk has served as a
Superior Court Mediator, family mediator, business mediator and as a
Domestic Violence Counselor.
Statement of Qualifications