Conserving the Environment
Conserving the Human Spirit

Conservation Consulting Network of
the Central Coast
offers a wide range of
assessment, planning, design and facilitation services.
Conservation Consulting Network has a team of
professionals dedicated in the pursuit of improving planning
and the conservation of our resources, including people,
land, water, and habitat.

And our new book:
Photo of Mural from artist Deryl Day
Other photos & Designs by Don Funk & Doreen Liberto Blanck
Santa Lucia Group
Spyglass-South Palisades Specific Plan
About the Author of 'Emilie's Burden' and the Conservation Consulting

Donald J. (DJ) Funk The author of 'Emilie's Burden,' the poignant story based on the
life of a DJ's mother. She had been subjected to twenty years of domestic abuse, then
was subjected to an assault from her own government. Against all odds, she would
fight for her rights against the U.S. Government and Office of the Attorney General,
eventually resulting in today's legal definition of 'DURESS' and the creation of some of
the first of our nation's laws protecting victims of domestic abuse.

Mr. Funk is Principal with the Conservation Consulting Network of the Central Coast.
For ten years he served as the Resource Conservation District's Executive Director,
Erosion Control Specialist, Project Review Planner, River Restoration project designer
and Project Construction Site Manager. He has coordinated stream restoration and
erosion control projects with USDA NRCS engineers for
twenty years.
San Luis Obispo Creek
Restoration Project
Spyglass-South Palisades
Specific Plan
Conservation Consulting Network and
'Emilie's Burden' A Woman Struggles for her Rights
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Open Space and Terrace Walk
Spyglass-South Palisades
Specific Plan
An Interpretation of Original Art by Diego Rivera
Mural painted by local artist, Deryl Day
Location: King City Medical Clinic
Planning - Environmental - Community
Involvement - Design - Conservation
Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park
Santa Lucia Mountains, Big Sur
"The feeling of connection to our fellow creatures, nature, and the Cosmos is the psychological and
emotional basis of mental health; insanity is the consequence of its loss." (John A. Gowan)
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